Challenging jobs with opportunities for development

There are many factors that have an effect on the employee’s commitment to work and to the employer. The employees must be offered tasks that are inspiring enough as well as opportunities to build up their skills at the same time as changes in the market occur.

Engaging the heart is the key to commitment

"For strengthening the personnel commitment, the employer is to win the employee’s heart", says Annika Parkkonen, VP, HR.

True commitment cannot be induced through salary but through the fact that the employees find their work and workplace enjoyable. Parkkonen wants to encourage optimism in the working community.

"For us in Nordic Morning, the change in the communication market represents huge potential. We are positioned right at the center of change, a great place from which to develop our operation."

In the midst of change and the requirements that the change entails, the employer has a great responsibility. The employees must be convinced that the employer’s intentions are sincere and well-meant.

"As an employer, we need to support the staff’s well-being and development in the times of change. The employees should have no doubt that they are encouraged to succeed and to make progress professionally."

The aim of the Nordic Morning Group is that all employees find their work meaningful and feel that they are rewarded for their performance.

Measuring Satisfaction at Work

Edita Prima systematically monitors and develops the job satisfaction of its personnel. One of the most important tools in the development work is an annual personnel survey, which is carried out every spring.

On the basis of the results of each personnel survey, two or three points of challenge are selected as primary development targets. During the next 12 months, they will be in the focus of the HR of Edita Prima. In addition to these company level goals, all departments can choose their particular points to be improved.

"The targets are selected depending on their impact on employees' satisfaction at work. The following survey shows if the targets and measures of the previous year were chosen right", says Heikki Autio, the Managing Director of Edita Prima.

The survey process is accurately documented. The results and objectives of each survey are not only communicated to the staff via normal information channels but also presented and discussed with the employees by the unit. Moreover, the works council of the company analyses the results and the selected targets. Its meeting protocols are available to all employees.

”A personnel survey is an effective means to gather feedback. It offers an opportunity to the company to choose the main development objectives together with the employees. In this way, the working community can be built in collaboration and possibilities to influence the working environment are created at all levels, says Autio.

"Communication transforms into conversations across networks"

Having noticed the description of the Nordic Bond 001 program in the intranet Plaza, Social Media Specialist Caitriona O’Connor from JG Communication decided to make an application.

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"In the future,
plays the key role"

Project leader Jussi Naumanen from Edita Prima has studied management skills in Nordic Bond 001 program since January 2013.

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Steps towards
well being

In spring 2013 Liisa Raunio avoided taking the lift in order to raise the number of steps on her pedometer.

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Pro bono work boosts corporate image

A part of good corporate citizenship is pro bono work, wherein a company participates in the social development of its operating environment.

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