"In the future, multichannelling plays the key role"

Project leader Jussi Naumanen from Edita Prima has studied management skills in Nordic Bond 001 program since January 2013. During three two-day sessions these future managers concentrate on leading business, people and innovation. The exercises are linked to the participants' own work.

"We have, for example, practised trend hunt and got acquainted with the business of one client", he says.

Aspiring to reach comprehensive views on matters, Jussi expects the Bond program to give him more profound knowledge of the activities of the Nordic Morning group and communications business in general. His many-sidedness is reflected already in his Master of Science in Technology degree, as it covers studies in industrial engineering and management as well as environmental and printing technologies.

Jussi feels that Nordic Morning has a lot to offer for him. He is looking forward to new responsibilities in a few years, when his knowledge and skills in the communications field have expanded.

"In future communications the keyword is multichannelling. Masses can be approached electronically, even in personified messages, but printed media is an effective means for a more personal contact."

"Communication transforms into conversations across networks"

Having noticed the description of the Nordic Bond 001 program in the intranet Plaza, Social Media Specialist Caitriona O’Connor from JG Communication decided to make an application.

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Steps towards
well being

In spring 2013 Liisa Raunio avoided taking the lift in order to raise the number of steps on her pedometer.

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Pro bono work boosts corporate image

A part of good corporate citizenship is pro bono work, wherein a company participates in the social development of its operating environment.

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