New angles on group management

A few years ago it was noted that in some Nordic Morning companies the current personnel’s age structure would lead to a future challenge of finding younger leaders from within the group. Furthermore, the company management had come across a tendency for young employees not to express interest in managerial tasks.

As a response to this two-fold challenge, the group launched The Nordic Bond 001 program during spring 2013. It is a development program, for which a team of 15 participants between the ages of 24 and 36 were selected from the group’s companies in Finland and Sweden. The objective is to support these young professionals to become future managers for the group, operating in a demanding and fast-changing field of business.

"We are convinced that while The Nordic Bond 001 participants develop and refine their skills, they also grow more and more committed to the group", Annika Parkkonen, VP, HR, assures.

The Nordic Bond 001 is the first development program for the entire group. The participants, six women and nine men, represent different fields of expertise such as sales or printing operations, innovation and design, and business administration.

The program lasts four months, followed by a ten-month period during which The Nordic Bond 001 participants act as a shadow management team. The main themes of the intensive course deal with management skills regarding business activities, innovations, and people. As a shadow management team, the team is expected to challenge the group executive management to rethink specific issues.

"The group management team is genuinely looking forward to being challenged by The Nordic Bond 001 participants. For us, it signifies a fine opportunity to gather new perspectives and broaden our patterns of thought. In addition, we are provided a chance to get better acquainted with our young employees", Parkkonen says.


"Communication transforms into conversations across networks"

Having noticed the description of the Nordic Bond 001 program in the intranet Plaza, Social Media Specialist Caitriona O’Connor from JG Communication decided to make an application.

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"In the future,
plays the key role"

Project leader Jussi Naumanen from Edita Prima has studied management skills in Nordic Bond 001 program since January 2013.

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