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The business area comprises Citat Oy and Klikkicom Oy in Finland; Citat AB, Klikki AB, Mods Graphic Studio AB and an associate company BrandSystems AB in Sweden, Citat Ukraine LLC in Ukraine, Klikki ApS in Denmark and Klikki AS in Norway.

The business area’s net revenue was EUR 32.9 million (EUR 20.3 million). The acquisition of the Klikkicom Group increased the net revenue by EUR 13.1 million. The net revenues of Citat Oy and Mods AB grew, while Citat AB’s net revenue decreased as the company reduced its subcontract invoicing.

The operating loss was EUR 1.1 million (EUR 0.4 million). The result includes EUR 2.2 million (EUR -1.1 million) of one-time expenses, the majority of which (EUR 2.0 million) is impairment of intangible assets due to goodwill and business mergers. Without impairment, the operating profit was positive and higher than in the previous year both in Finland and Sweden.

Companies 2012

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Lars Lundström, Managing Director - Citat AB


Smart communication and interaction solutions in all environments

Citat AB is one of the Nordic region’s biggest advertising and production agencies and has offices in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. Citat Oy is a digital communications agency in Helsinki. Citat LLC functions as a digital and graphic production agency for the Citat companies.

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Mattias Falkendal, Managing Director - Klikki


Maximizing the effect of customers’ digital marketing budgets

Klikki is a fast-growing Nordic next-generation digital marketing company with offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Piteå, Copenhagen and Oslo.

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Jan Eriksson, Managing Director, Mods Graphic Studio AB

Mods Graphic Studio

Innovative and flexible partner

Mods Graphic Studio aims to be one of the world’s leading companies in high-quality advanced image retouching and prepress services. Mods operates in a very competitive market. In addition to having state-of-the-art technology and innovative and efficient working methods, Mods’ strength is close cooperation with customers, which are mainly enterprises in fashion industry, photographers, and advertising agencies.

In 2012 Mods invested in technology that makes the production process more effective. This will strengthen the company’s position in the market. In 2012, the company had an average of 14 employees.


Connecting competence, processes and digital resources.

An associate company BrandSystems AB is based in Stockholm. It provides marketing resource management (MRM) and operative brand management services. With the company’s platform, organizations can connect their staff’s competences, processes and digital resources.

In 2012, BrandSystems strengthened its position as the leading MRM-technology vendor in the Nordic region. The company got several new customers and continued to leverage on strategic partnerships in order to improve sales.


Other business areas

Editorial Communication

Content worth sharing

The business area comprises JG Communication AB in Sweden.

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Content, editing and distribution

The business area comprises Edita Publishing Oy and the National Centre of Professional Development in Education Educode Oy in Finland.

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Print & Distribution

Versatile and efficient production services in print-related communication

The business area comprices Edita Prima Oy in Finland, Edita Västra Aros AB, Sandvikens Tryckeri AB and an associate company Edita Bobergs AB in Sweden.

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