"Motivation can be raised by doing,
not by dreaming"

In spring 2013 one could often meet employees of Edita Publishing in the staircase. The participants of ILO well-being campaign avoided taking the lift in order to raise the number of steps on their pedometers, which they had received in January after individual body composition measurements and fitness tests.

ILO campaign followed the job satisfaction and occupational health surveys. The personnel had hoped for employer supported sports and other joint activities. Edita Publishing also sought to continue the trends of better atmosphere and lower costs of occupational health. The voluntary programme involved 51 employees.

The figures of the first fitness test motivated many to increase their physical activities. The results could be admired in the final tests in June. The figures had improved both for those who took active part in the entire programme and for the ones who took part in the starting and final tests, but otherwise independently used the pedometer and registered the cumulative steps on their computers.

Liisa Raunio from the customer services unit is content with the project: she lost weight and her "body age" fell clearly below the one in the passport.

"Even though I have moved a lot before, I was eager to go through the programme. It was a good push forward", she says.

Like many of her colleagues, Liisa has increased her everyday exercising activities, adopted a bit more healthy eating principles and applied tips to keep up motivation as instructed during the three training days.

The campaign was carried out in cooperation with the company Trainers' House. The training was designed by themes Inspiration, Movement and Success taking into account the feedback of the participants. In the closing session, the trainer reminded that when motivation starts to decline, one should return to the situation when everything still ran fine.

"Communication transforms into conversations across networks"

Having noticed the description of the Nordic Bond 001 program in the intranet Plaza, Social Media Specialist Caitriona O’Connor from JG Communication decided to make an application.

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"In the future,
plays the key role"

Project leader Jussi Naumanen from Edita Prima has studied management skills in Nordic Bond 001 program since January 2013.

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Pro bono work boosts corporate image

A part of good corporate citizenship is pro bono work, wherein a company participates in the social development of its operating environment.

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