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"We aim to maintain strong and solid governance and to improve business profitability."

Kati Niemelä, CFO, Edita Plc

Financial responsibility 2012

We aim to achieve our financial responsibility goals by producing added value for stakeholders and by securing our good financial standing. Effective internal monitoring and risk management are also important means. In 2012, we paid particular focus on quick risk management and securing our financial position.

Effects on stakeholders

In 2012, Edita sold products and services to its customers and other stakeholders for the total amount of EUR 115.5 million (107.6) and spent EUR 58.6 million (50.4) on buying goods and services from suppliers. Edita created financial value for its stakeholders totaling EUR 59.1 million (55.6). Most of this value, EUR 51.3 million (48.8), was distributed to the staff in the form of salaries, pensions and social costs.

The digitalization of communication and the decrease in demand for printed products continued in 2012. We increased our expertise in digital communication through corporate acquisitions and recruiting, while the operations of our Print & Distribution and Editorial Communication business areas were adjusted to suit the level of demand.

In 2012, we invested a total of EUR 7.4 million (5.0), most of which was for corporate acquisitions and compensate investments in printing operations.

Financial position

In 2012, Edita had a negative result due to one-time expenses and depreciations of goodwill. The Group’s operating loss was EUR 4.1 million (profit: EUR 2.2 million) and the equity-to-assets ratio decreased to 36.8 percent (42.7 percent). Cash and cash equivalents totaled the EUR 6.7 million (6.2) and net indebtedness improved to 46.0 percent (48.5 percent).

The strong balance sheet and cash situation were made possible by the adjustment measures of the previous year. Despite the result, the cash situation remained at a reasonable level. Edita amortized its loan installments according to plan, and new long-term financing was not needed.

The savings was performed by increasing the efficiency of our administrative functions, and the support functions of all of the companies acquired during 2012 were integrated into Edita’s processes. Also group-level competitive bidding project was carried out which increased cost-effectiveness.

Internal control and risk management

Edita carries out an extensive risk analysis twice a year. New risks are reported and dealt with immediately, and internal auditing helps us recognize and predict future risks.

The continuous and rapid changes in the communications market put pressure on financial reporting: business operations require up-to-date and reliable information in order to ensure a quick reaction time.

In 2012, we improved our reporting process to be more efficient and to better serve the business sectors.

Goals for 2013

In 2012, more attention was given to setting the goals and indicators for 2013 than in previous years. The purpose is to set a goal for each Edita employee that is derived from the goals of the Group and of the business areas. Increased efficiency and unifying processes and reporting continue to be targets for development.

Added value for stakeholders

Customers Sales 115 491 107 611 110 882
Suppliers Cost of goods, materials and services purchased 58 634 50 443 50 745
Added value created 56 857 57 168 60 137
Employees Wages and salaries, pensions, social costs 51 273 48 798 50 342
Public sector Direct taxes -255 -40 244
Financers Net financing costs 600 707 923
Charitable organizations Donations 125 119 128
Owners Dividends 0 990 1 740
Investors Investments 7 368 5 017 3 312
Total added value distributed to stakeholders   59 111 55 591 56 689
Value added remaining in the company   -2 254 1 577 3 448
Added value created / FTE (tEUR)   81 77 73

Result 2012

Satisfactory operative result in a difficult market situation

Edita Group’s net revenue increased by EUR 7.4 million. The Group’s operating profit, including one-time items, was EUR -4.1 million. The operating profit without one-time items was EUR 2.1 million.

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