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“In order to achieve growth, we are actively seeking new operational models and concepts that serve our customers.”

Jarmpo Rosenberg, Managing Director,
Edita Publishing Oy

Publishing 2012

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Managing Director Jarmo Rosenberg
tells about the business area.

The business area comprises the Finnish companies Edita Publishing Oy in Helsinki and the National Centre for Professional Development in Education Educode Ltd with offices in Lahti and Tampere.

The companies' mission is to satisfy customers’ information needs and help them distribute this information.

Edita Publishing

Edita Publishing creates, delivers and distributes content. The company’s mission is to satisfy its customers’ information needs and help them distribute this information.

Edita Publishing serves many sectors, offering high-quality learning materials for comprehensive and upper secondary schools, vocational education and on-the-job learning.The services also include versatile publishing services, communication services and professional training. In the field of law, Edita Publishing provides the most comprehensive legal information service in Finland, Edilex, as well as versatile literature and training services.

The company is also a partner in the distribution of official information: it publishes the official journal of the Finnish state, Virallinen lehti, and the printed Statutes of Finland, Suomen säädöskokoelma, for instance, and maintains the Finlex and Hilma online information services. The product palette also includes Commemorative books, historical works and publication series as well as stakeholder magazines and annual reports.


Educode understands the needs of teaching professionals. The company produces services for changing situations and for customers’ development programmes by participating in the planning of digital and management skills coaching, for instance.

New electronic learning environments, changes in municipal structures, effects of the Act on Early Education, the syllabus change process and administrative regulation are examples of changing situations in which Educode can help its customers.


The customers of the business area come from many fields of life: lawyers, tax consultants, teachers, health care experts as well as companies and organizations.

“We’re able to serve our customers regardless of the channels they require,” says Jarmo Rosenberg, Managing Director of Edita Publishing. “Books, newspapers and magazines continue to be important communication tools; there are also situations where electronic distribution channels are more useful.”

Year 2012

The business area expanded according to plan at the beginning of 2012, when Edita purchased the National Centre for Professional Development in Education Educode Oy on March 1, 2012.

The efficiency and results of operations remained good. Edita Publishing gained market share and increased turnover in the traditional publishing areas by 10 percent. The growth of communication services was 20 percent when measured by turnover. However, public sector organizations continued cost cutting measures in 2012 and this impacted on the operations of the business area.

In 2012, the number of persons attending Edilex Pro customer events organized by Edita Publishing grew significantly. In terms of net revenue, the increase was 50 per cent.

Year 2013

“In order to achieve growth, we are actively seeking new operational models and concepts that serve our customers,” Rosenberg says. “We are also prepared to broaden our operations through organizational restructuring. Since 2011 our goal has been a 15 per cent increase by the end of 2013,” says Rosenberg.

“We want to transform Finnish learning to adapt to the digital turning point of today and we are actively monitoring e.g. the work of the advisory board on digital learning founded by the Finnish National Board of Education which is set to commence operations in 2013.”

Goals in 2013

Expanding of operations, measured by revenue. A significant share of revenue growth will be based on the work conducted in 2012. The short- and long-term growth expectations are targeted at communication services as well as education and learning.

The profitability of the business area has remained good while the business environment has changed. The goal is to maintain this healthy operating profit while growing.

In the changing operating environment, it is necessary to be an agile company that responds smoothly to customer needs. For Individuals, this means new, challenging tasks.

Other business areas

Marketing Services

Strongly present in the Nordic region

Marketing Services comprises Citat Oy and Klikkicom Oy in Finland, Citat AB, Klikki AB, Mods Graphic Studio AB and an associate company Brand Systems International AB in Sweden, Citat Ukraine LLC in Ukraine and Klikki ApS in Denmark.

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Editorial Communication

Content worth sharing

The business area comprises JG Communication AB in Sweden.

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Print & Distribution

Versatile and efficient production services in print-related communication

The business area comprices Edita Prima Oy in Finland, Edita Västra Aros AB, Sandvikens Tryckeri AB and an associate company Edita Bobergs AB in Sweden.

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